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Anyone understand what this means?

I got a message on my cosplay page saying “pyranda da si mie trumula radio magalia si sa vb de rog”.

Google seems to think it’s esperanto but I have no idea.


I'm sorry, but no you cannot & never will you be.




What is a “gypsy”?

Some will have you believe that simply moving frequently, or wearing boho-esque clothing will make you a “gypsy”. I have read countless websites about Pagan “gypsy” magic, and articles on how to dress “gypsy”. I’m here to tell you; you’re doing it wrong!

So, you want to be a “gypsy”? Well, you can’t. Not only are you not a “gypsy”, but you can never become a “gypsy”.

This little word, “gypsy”, makes my skin crawl. It causes aches in my heart and beats at my soul. I die a little inside everytime I must say or write the word.

"Gypsy" is a racial slur. It is tantamount to the "N" word.

Like the “N” word, “gypsy” was created by people who believed we were sub-human and enslaved us. “Gypsies” were slaves?


These “gypsies” you speak of are actually people who belong to the Romani ethnicity. We are an ethnic minority with no nation, no homeland. We trace our ancestry back to Rajasthan in India and parts of what is now Pakistan. This is not speculative. There is no more question as to where “gypsies” came from. This has been proven through extensive DNA and linguistic studies.

You cannot be “gypsy”. You cannot wake up one day, start moving around, and call yourself a “gypsy”. How many people say they want to be African American, or Asian? They don’t. It’s an impossibility.

White female youth pay large sums of money to dress “gypsy”, or what they call boho. Well, Bohemia is a region of the Czech Republic. You cannot be Bohemian either, unless of course you are Czech. There is also a huge problem with equating Boho to “gypsy”.

The Czech people murdered us.

"Vi man sas ek bari familiya,
Murdadas la e kali legiya.”

"I once had a big family,
but the Black Legions murdered them.”

That is a line from our anthem. We may not have a nation, but we have an anthem and a flag. “Gypsy” people have been so greatly oppressed in the Czech Republic that this line made it into our anthem. The Black Legions were a military unit that opreated in the Czech Republic during World War Two. They are responsible for killing nearly ninety-percent of the “gypsy” populations in parts of the Czech Republic.

Not only have you offended me by trying to dress “gypsy”, but calling yourself a “boho-gypsy” just tore my heart into one million pieces.

Before you ask and I have to answer; yes. Yes. Yes, I had family in the Czech Republic and Hungary during World War Two. Yes, they died in concentration camps like Auschwitz and Lety.

We are Romani. We call ourselves Romani. We are the Romani people.

You cannot be “gypsy”. The only way you are “gypsy” is if you are from the Romani ethnic population. Perhaps in your next life you can be born to Romani parents and be “gypsy”, but not in this one. No, you simply cannot.

Why would you want to?

Why would anyone on Earth want to belong to the most oppressed and persecuted race of people on this planet?

I don’t have a choice. I cannot scrub my “gypsy” off. I cannot simply wake up and decide I no longer want to be “gypsy”. It’s my ethnicity.

There are similar words used in Central and Eastern Europe to describe us. They are akin to “gypsy”:

Zigeuner, Czigany, Tigane, Tsigane, etc..

I dare you go to Central and Eastern Europe and utter these words to a “gypsy”. I triple dog dare you. See how much they like their “gypsy” word.

It means slave. Tsigane means slave. Zigeuner means slave. Czigany means slave.

There is a similar word in every single European language of this region. They all mean slave.

Like “gypsy”, words similar to tsigane have been used as a means of oppression.
Maybe I can put this into persepctive.

In America, we do the same thing with the “N” word. Not me, personally, but I have heard it from countless Americans. Someone is “N” word rich, that car is “N” word rigged, don’t act like an “N” word.

The same is done with “gypsy” and “tsigane” in Europe. Don’t act ”gypsy” with me, it looks like “gypsies” live here, that’s such a “gypsy” thing.

Does it make sense now?

Please stop trying to be us. We are not flattered. What truly flatters Romani “gypsy” people is when others try to learn about our true culture. Please don’t argue with us & tell us that you know all about “gypsies” because you belly dance, read Tarot cards, or move a lot. If you really knew so much about “gypsies”, you would afford us the respect of not calling us a racial slur. You would know that there is no such thing as “gypsy” magic, that we are not dirty people who do not bathe, that we do not all steal, and that we have a beautiful culture.

No, you cannot be “gypsy”. Maybe in your next lifetime.

Why non-Romani people should NEVER EVER use the word g*psy.

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This is why I usually don’t post on public pages. :/

I forgot there was a reason I usually don’t post on public pages… Some weirdo messaged me today:

Stranger : *sigh….beyond inspiring Miranda. I owe you a tremendous thank you~:)

Me : Oh? Sorry, I’m a little confused, is this about my post on Sandra Fluke’s page or?

Stranger : ha….no. however, that is where I saw your profile. im not looking to creep you out or be a bother….although I feel compelled to say much more, suffice it to say that I was referring to the sight of you. I wont bother you again….be well~:)

Me : Uhm.

I blocked him shortly after that. Lesson learned I guess?

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Hitler Had A Circus And You Bought A Balloon


I want to talk about Sochi. Before I can, I need to establish some things so we all know what I’m really talking about.

Scapegoats are a powerful political tool, and a favourite tool of extremists. If you want to make people act against their own interests, you present them with a bogeyman and…

brojunkie asked: oh my god, no dont worry bout it! im sorry, i wasnt thinkin and posted the vent impulsively. i should have thought things through situationally and perspectively.

Shh shh it’s okay. I understand where you’re coming from. I’m still getting used to tumblr.

Edit: Shit, see what I mean? Meant to post that privately. Whoops. :<













This is Jaidin Lockhart, a large part of the Bay Area Homestuck community. It has come to my attention that recently that she has been a complete creep to people that I am very close with. I’m making this post because I knew that she was a creep, but I didn’t know how bad, it’s a lot worse than I thought.

When you ask her her age, her answer is different every time, but from a collective knowledge of who she is, we estimate her age to be around 26 years old. She touches under aged people inappropriately, takes advantage of people sexually, and it’s been spread around that she has raped someone, though it could’ve been speculation unless someone comes forward. (Someone has come forward saying they were taken advantage of while intoxicated, as well as for 6 months, though I don’t know the details I would consider this rape).

I’ve opened up my ask box on a mostly dead tumblr account for victims to come forward and tell me anonymously more information they think should be said, one person told me about how she’s been taken advantage of over six months, not knowing she wasn’t the only one, was also taken advantage of while intoxicated. Someone else sent me a conversation where she was extremely public about inappropriate subject matter (in front of minors) and even after being told to please stop, continued to the uncomfort of multiple people.

Jaidin will approach you in a sweet way. She’ll try to be your friend, shower you with compliments, flirt with you, try to make you feel good about yourself… But the truth is that her intentions are anything but good. She’ll butter you up and then suddenly she’ll start saying things that make you uncomfortable. For instance, she loved my cosplay (which exposed my stomach) so much she would say things like “I want to do body shots off your tummy.” From there things will only get worse. Trust me”

The ask for victims is still open on my dead account Kinkerbull for anyone who wants to come forward and have people know their experience, anonymity guaranteed.

Her tumblr is cyanidecatnip

hey this person sexually assaulted me and then told me to kill myself when i started warning other people about her (and now acts like nothing happened? what)

im so glad to see this post

i know a lot of you guys associate with jaidin, and ive told some of u about what happened to me

but this person is friends with so many people in the local cosplay community (esp underage people) in the bay area

please spread this around 

I’m reblogging comments and things as much as possible, so please excuse the spam. My friend also wanted me to add that she’s a victim of abuse, and Jaidin will trigger her every time she sees her so that she will “get over it”.


youdontfuckthedog tells me ”someone that’s known her from her hetalia days has come forward saying that she’s 28 and has seen her id to prove so”

As well as a 17 year old (16 at the time) was told Jaidin was 19 and was just out of high school was asked to make out and asked out on dates on multiple occasions, and says they are disguised at the knowledge of her real age.


A 16 year old at the time was talking about the person they liked, Jaidin came over and touched their stomach, asked her to stop and she momentarily did. Then went to sit somewhere else and Jaidin wrapped her arms around them, forcing them to stay there even after saying to stop, and had to fake a text to get out of it.

A 15/16 year old was groped, boobs and butt, with no consent, “dated” a 14 year old (friend of their’s) and is happy to find out they weren’t the only ones.

i’ve really only met her twice, the first being last summer, where she relentlessly hit on two of my friends, knowing they were together, and didn’t stop. the second being in december, where she hit on me a lot, knowing i was ace, and kept telling me how cute i was and ruffling my hair and touching my leg without permission in the middle of a dark movie theatre. she has lied about her age a few times in my presence. i asked my friends about it, and they said i was not the only one.”

"While nothing that bad has happen to me yet I would like to say that I have had an uneasy feeling around her for one thing I am very shy and introverted not to mention still struggling with my sexuality and really don’t like it when people try (to hard) to flirt with me now when I first met Jaidin she didn’t know this so they kind for piled on the pet names I thanked her but said not to do it again because it is very triggering to me after a while she didn’t but one time she did and when I told her to stop and reminded her that it was triggering she got very mad and snappy at me saying that she calls everyone by pet names and I should just calm down. An other account and what really push me full away from Jaidin is when I need help to find someone to room with Jaidin found me one of her friends but over time things because kind of worse and worse with the rooming to the point were I would have to pay for half of the room as well as my pass and getting up there well at the last minute an other more with a person I actually knew a /lot/ better opened up and they would give me the extra free pass they got with the room and they let me room with them I pm the other person telling them that I was sorry but I had very little money as it is and while they were right fully mad they wanted me to still pay now Jaidin knew I don’t have a lot of money but they still sided with their other friend even going so far as saying on a group chat that I shouldn’t get the free pass.

long story short, yes Jaidin is /VERY/ two faced and doesn’t hold any respect for people’s triggers and hold to much power in the homestuck bay area and need to be dealt with asap! I am very happy to see you doing this, you are very brave and I wish you the best of luck!”

"Hello. While I personally have never been abused or taken advantage of by Jaidin, when I first met her when I was 16, Jaidin told me she was 19. This was only two years ago. Since then I’ve found out that she has lied and taken advantage of multiple people, and I suggest that if she does flirt with you and makes you feel uncomfortable, distance yourself as soon as possible."

So I have never been sexually assaulted by Jaidin. But, when I first met her I knew that something was up. At first she did constantly touch my shoulders and legs and call me cute way too much. And I very quickly told her to stop. It took a couple if reminders but after that she backed off, honestly I think I scared her a little which is good. Even though I’ve never been assaulted by her I’ve been harassed, but more importantly I’ve watched her go after younger people in the cosplay community. I have watched her touch, flirt, lie, and manipulate younger cosplayers and quite frankly most of them don’t really know how to react. I’ve tried to protect them to the best of my ability by telling them her real age and encouraging them to not talk to her, after she finally leaves them alone. But I’ve watched this happen more than once. And this is a really big issue. I also roomed with her at Kinyoobi last year, and I was very glad I brought a sleeping bag as she spent a good ten minutes trying to get me to share a bed with her during the con. I slept on the floor under a desk instead and ended up switching rooms for the second night. That whole account was creepy and uncomfortable. I would also like to add that she had a huge bottle of vodka in her suitcase. She offered it to the whole room but didn’t stick around to see if we drank any of it. So yes Jaidin is not by any surprise to me, a sex offender. Please please please watch yourself around her, tell your friends, and stop it if you happen to witness her harassing anyone. To the best of my knowledge she is 27, I’m 17, and that’s just not okay.”

I’m 15 and I was Roxy for my first convention and jaidin as Jane comes up to me and is hanging all over me calling me weird names and acting like we were best friends when I had no idea who she even was. A while later we were introduced and i hung out with her, and she kept touching my butt but nothing too bad. Later we were hanging out in a group and she slid her hand under my skirt and touched me IN PUBLIC before I just left and hid in my hotel room the rest of the night and most of the con.”

I feel it would be important to mention than they changed their url to shsl-weeaboo?? So that’s a thing to keep in mind!!

"one thing about jaidin is, at least in my interactions with her, she doest respect sexual orientation? im 16 and straight and she would continue to hit on me after i told her that, though i was flattered, i wasnt attracted to girls. she then would follow me around during that meet up and grabbed my butt three times and tried to kiss me. i havent gone to a meet up since then because im always terrified she’ll show up and do something worse."

"I read your post in school today and quite honestly I was scared. I’m 16 now, and she messaged me on Facebook telling me how cute I was and that she wanted to cuddle and stuff and she wanted to hang out during SacAmine one time. I honestly thought nothing of it cause I’d never been flirted with before and now I’m scared to meet her. I considered her a friend once upon a time but now I’m almost scared to meet her in person upon reading these posts. I’m sorry, I just had I get this off my chest."

"I actually met Jaiden a few months ago and she tried to flirt with me, I continuously dismissed it, thinking not much of it, but she also had a friend of mines number and would say rather odd and inappropriate things often. Despite the fact my friend dismissed her and stated she was uninterested. I was also rather offended by this behavior (I’m sorry I am anon but she follows me on this site) And she would very often press very creepy questions to both my friend and I. Apparently she was going to try and "visit" me, despite my knowledge, and I had become worried she knew where I lived…"

"When I was at a Homestuck meet-up, she was really nice, and I honestly had not suspected anything! But later on she discovered that I was ticklish; it was really weird because she kept tickling me even though I would also move away (I felt very uncomfortable.) But it wasn’t just that friendly, teasing kind of tickling? She would worm her hand under my arm, or slowly slide her fingers up to my breast (I was wearing a binder at the time but it still felt awful) and ugh it makes me feel sick."

Ok, so I don’t usually reblog these types of things, but my friend, who is fifteen, has been harassed by this woman for the past month or so. My friend auditioned for a homestuck panel Jaidin was hosting, and was asked for her number to work out details. My friend and Jaidin texted back and forth to confirm things, but after a little while it got a bit uncomfortable. My friend was called many "pet names" much like the others above, some a bit more extreme than simply that in my opinion, and was eventually asked to send pictures of herself. At the convention that held the homestuck panel, my friend was made very uncomfortable by Jaidin, who kept asking for hugs that lasted too long and called my friend more “pet names.”

Here are my friend’s other experiences, quoted directly from her, for this post:

"AOD 2013: I saw here once, but didn’t see her to anything too odd aside from weirdly shippy questions on her panel, regardless of the fact she was cosplaying Karkat. Also, I think during her trivia round she kept touching the contestants on the shoulders? Nothing huge, but odd, none the less.

Fanimecon 2013: I only saw her one day, as Terezi. We were in line for a panel, and she told me she was 21, which was a lie. We were playing Apples to Apples and she was screaming and cursing at all the other players and kept touching a Princess Luna cosplayer sitting with us. During the panel, she screamed into the microphone a few times.

AOD 2014: Was extremely flirty with me and all my other panel mates. She was very creepy and touchy feeling with everyone, and kept giving me pet names and flirting with me. At the time, sure, I was a bit uncomfortable, but I just tried to act normal.”

She might have a problem, I don’t know, but this shit is NOT OK. Especially since Jaidin does these things WITHOUT CONSENT, she lies about her age, and that most of these cosplayers are fairly young and have trouble speaking up for themselves. I will reblog this for my friends and as a warning for anyone else who knows this woman or has been harassed by her. No one fucking messes with my friends ok.


I may not live in the area, but I know there have been people like this in our local ‘stuck groups. Be safe everyone. Don’t put up with people invading your space. Speak up and trust your gut.

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Decided to draw these two nerds today. I can’t even handle them. <3

Carlos and Cecil belong to the podcast Welcome to Night Vale by Commonplace Books.

Night Vale Perfume Line?

So today I realized in Welcome to Night Vale, there are a few mentions of scents. This got me thinking about Night Vale and smells. Which of course led me into creating a hypothetical perfume line.

“Perfect Carlos” : Gum extract, lavender, oak and caramel.

“The Glow Cloud” : Mist/Rain and vanilla with a hint of dust/sand.

“The Voice of Night Vale” or “Cecil Gershwin Palmer” : Cinnamon, and dark chocolate with smoky undertones.

“Librarians” : Blood, fur and old paper.

“Scout Master Earl Harlan” : Firewood, sand/dirt and a hint of blood.

“John Peters” or “You know, the farmer?” : (Invisible) corn, hay and hemp.

“Apache Tracker” : Tobacco, hops and firewood

“The man in the tan jacket” : Old leather, musk and a hint of sea salt.

“Intern Dana” : Coffee, cinnamon and a hint of blood.

“Old woman Josie” : Soap, lemon and Jasmine

“Angels do not exist” : Jasmine, Pine and Frankenscence

“The Dog Park” : Dense fog, musk and grass

“The faceless old woman that secretly lives in your home” : a very faint mix of soap, smoke and lemongrass

“Hiram McDaniels” : Fire, smoke and snakeskin leather

“Pamela Winchell” : Pepper, smoke and olives

That’s all I have thusfar. I never realized how scent-oriented I was before this. It’s a very interesting way to experience this medium. I wonder if any blind listeners have thought of this before.